We invest in bootstrapped SMB software and hardware to help them grow profitably forever.

We Know Value Creation

We bring a 2nd generation family business operator mindset to help you scale at the right pace while maintaining profitability. Gen3Ventures team of professionals is purpose-built to work alongside your team using our playbook for efficient and effective growth.

We have experience implementing leading sales, marketing customer success and product development technologies. More importantly, we care for our people enabling them to grow personally and professionally and share in the financial success of the company.

Sustainable & Capital Efficient

You’ve built a company you are proud of and you’ve done it without taking any significant capital. You think about the long term, and want to achieve more, but you’re not sure who is the right partner for you. Let us help you with your transition.

Gen3Ventures helps bootstrapped companies while respecting your company’s culture, people, and the customers who have gotten you here. By strengthening your company today, we help you ensure longevity in your industry.

Prototyping is in our DNA

Gen3Ventures has been investing and or an owner operator in asset lite software and hardware companies for 20+ years. Our experience extends across high growth venture backed to slow and steady profitable businesses selling into many verticals.

Today, Gen3Ventures is focused exclusively in capital efficient SMB B2B companies.


Revenue: Up to $15M
EBITDA: $250K to $2M


Owner(s) Operator or Family-owned businesses in transition.


Growing metro areas in the US. Undervalued workforce.

Investment Focus

Aerospace & Space

Commercial & Residential Real Estate


Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Software & Services

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